Ongoing Care

Details on Private Medical Insurance, Self Pay and Private Prescriptions


If you have PMI, there are 2 sets of charges that will be sent to your Insurer:

  • The Consultant will invoice your PMI for the consultation and any tests carried out personally (an ECG for example)
  • The Hospital will invoice your PMI directly for any tests requested by the Consultant at that facility

It is extremely important that you contact your PMI before every visit to ensure that you are covered. If you are, they will give you an authorisation number.  This ensures that the invoice will get paid by them.  You should bring the following with you to every appointment:

  • PMI name
  • membership number
  • authorisation number

You must update them on every step to make sure that all treatments will be covered.  Please be aware that many policies will require a contribution from yourself in the form of excesses and/or pre-set limits.  Please ensure you are aware of these as you are liable for any shortfall. We will be able to give you an idea of the costs involved at your Consultation.


If you are paying for your care yourself, we will make the costs of your Appointment, and any clinic tests known before your visit. The costs of any tests or treatments will be discussed with you at your Consultation.


Once we have started you on a medication, we notify your General Practitioner and/or referring Physician.  The normal practice is for your NHS GP to take up the repeat prescribing of your medication with the standard NHS charge (unless you are exempt), which is currently £9.15 per item.

We can provide ongoing private prescriptions. These are usually for 3 months at a time, but can be for longer in certain circumstances. The cost to you of a private prescription is the cost of the drug, plus the pharmacy mark-up. For some drugs, this can be cheaper than the NHS fixed charge.

If you have received prescriptions from us for a year, you will be required to attend a consultation for a review before any further can be issued.

There is no charge for the prescriptions but the annual review will be charged at the standard rate.