If you have been referred, or advised, to see a Cardiologist by your general practitioner or another clinician, or if you would like to make a self-referral, you can organise this by telephone or email:

We have clinics at the following locations:

The London Bridge Hospital
One Welbeck Heart Health
BMI Blackheath Hospital
BMI Sloane Hospital
BMI London Independent Hospital

If you have medical insurance, your insurance company will need to be informed that you have been referred to us. They will confirm your cover and give you an authorisation number.  We are recognised by all insurance companies.

A new patient Consultation is allocated 30 minutes, a follow-up 15 minutes.

It helps if any paperwork or information you have can be forwarded to us before your consultation. This allows the consultant to decide if it would be helpful to have any tests carried out before the consultation.

During your appointment, the Consultant will take a history and examine you.  He may decide to carry out an ECG during the consultation (this is a non-invasive test that records the rate, rhythm and electrical activity of your heart).

Once the consultation has finished we will go through the treatment plan, organise tests or procedures and/or write a prescription for medication. In most cases, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. 

We will do our best to organise any tests as soon as possible, and minimise the number of visits you will have to make to the hospital.

We work with the best Consultants in their field and if we feel that you would be better served with a referral to another cardiac specialist, we will arrange this for you, offering the best consultant for your condition/ diagnosis.